“A balance between movement and stillness.”


Waiting subconsciously in the night

To wake again come morning light

Shaken again from a dream

I swear in the distance I detect a scream

Upon a hazy morning slumber

Bolting eyes and head filled with thunder

The storm slowly becomes a song

I reach for your shadow

And then you are gone

Wire Connections

I reach for you

But I am reaching through a wire

I hold you in my palm

But I am all alone

The connections that make us so distant

Touching flesh to the manufactured

Fractured minds forgetting to press send

Pretending the closeness is real

Longing to feel what it was we were before


We sit together silently watching

It is Peace that is before us

A thousand strings strumming

The War that isn’t coming

If we could exist inside the vibration of a single, beautiful breath

Could it be the complexity of Life that we would choose

Instead of the sick simplicity of Death

We Rise

We walk together

And the Earth shall rise at our feet

The sweet touch of your hand

Like reaching for the moon

We walk together

And the Wind shall blow at our backs

The tracks we make

They cannot shake

Because we will break down the walls that blind us

The Things That We Are

This skin. These bones.

They call you in your sleep

This person you are. These things that you are not.

The havoc they could wreak

A chip of subconscious not quite materialized

This undiscovered femininity not yet realized

The obscenity of the layers that you forgot to bury

Is the thing you’ve always been

The thing that you must carry


In beautiful people
There are beautiful moments
And beautiful moments gather and bloom in the hearts of those lucky enough to know love.
With the power to live
Comes the power to remember–
In the somber pain of loss
In the lavish hope of living
Great people never truly leave this Earth
Their footprints can be seen in the footsteps of all those touched by the bright light of their unforgettable existence.